Car Donation Programs in Massachusetts

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What are some major Massachusetts charities with car donation programs?

Car Donation Programs in Massachusetts

It's easy to make a Massachusetts car donation, with a range of established charities soliciting gifts of unwanted cars, trucks, and even motorcycles.
The charities include public TV station WGBH, Fenway Community Health, the American Lung Association of Massachusetts, Special Olympics Massachusetts, and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Boston.
Most major charities have Web sites and some even have online forms to start the process of making an automobile donation.
But remember to transfer your vehicle title to the organization, and have it in hand when the charity comes to collect your car donation.
With cars valued at $500 or more, you cannot claim a higher deduction than what the charity sells the vehicle for, even if it is less than fair market value -- the amount you're likely to find in the Kelley Blue Book pricing guide.



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