Follow Simple Steps When You Donate an RV

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What are the steps to donating an RV?

Follow Simple Steps When You Donate an RV

Donate Car For Charity Tip: When you donate an RV, some registered charities may offer to pick up the RVs nationwide. The collection program makes it easier to get rid of your used RV and then apply for the tax deduction.
You should ask for a receipt when the RV is picked up by a charity representative. Once the transfer is completed, you are entitled to a tax deduction for your RV donation.
Typically, when you donate an RV, charities sell the vehicles and use a portion of the proceeds for their causes and programs. The charity is required to send you a copy of the resale receipt, which you will attach to your income taxes. The amount on that receipt is your tax deduction.
Donors usually can use the price the charity receives at resale for their own tax deductions.



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