Make Sure an RV Donation Meets Your Goals

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How do I know if donating an RV to a charity is right for me?

Make Sure an RV Donation Meets Your Goals

Many large charities accept used RVs for donations. They likely won't use them to help the needy, but they will resell them and collect the proceeds.
In fact, vehicle donations are a popular mode of giving, because donors can write off the gift and dispose of an unwanted vehicle at the same time.
Vehicle donations cover RVs, autos, boats, motocycles, even airplanes.
If you plan to donate your RV, consider first you can get a better value by selling it on your own. If you have your heart set on giving to a good cause, check out the charity where you plan to donate.
Is it a 501(c)3 organization recognized by the IRS?
How will it use the proceeds from your RV donation?
What portion of the proceeds will go to direct services and what portion will cover administrative and processing costs?
These are just some of the questions you may want to consider before you donate an RV.



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