Shop Around for the Charity That Fits Your Interests

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How do I choose the right charity for my vehicle donation?

Shop Around for the Charity That Fits Your Interests

Are you new to vehicle donations? Did you read about vehicle donations in an advertisement? Or, do you know someone who has donated a car?
Here are some tips to first-time givers planning vehicle donations, the values of which may be hundreds or thousands of dollars.
Don't say yes to the first charity that you read about, or that asks for help with vehicle donations. Determine which causes you want to support. Perhaps you want to give to cancer research, an animal rescue group or your church. Identify the cause and charity, then find out if the organization offers vehicle donation programs. Many major charities have policies for accepting vehicle donations. Shop around and learn what policies the charities have in place for accepting vehicles, including how the proceeds are used, and what portion of the money goes directly to services and programs.



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