Charities Offer Standard Policies for Giving Cars

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What policies do charities have for accepting vehicle donations?

Charities Offer Standard Policies for Giving Cars

Charities tend to have fairly standard policies for accepting vehicle donations. First, contact the charity for applications, which they may mail or you can access online. Charities require the title to the vehicle, and cannot accept a vehicle that has a lien. If you need to request a duplicate title, it may take two weeks to receive it in the mail.
If your vehicle does not run, it must be parked where a tow truck can reach it. Some charities have policies to tow donated vehicles, regardless of whether they still run. Inform the charity if there are any major parts broken or missing, because the defects will affect the value of your donation and possibly whether the charity can accept it. Expect to receive a tax receipt after one or two months.



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