Better Business Bureau Offers Advice on Vehicle Donations

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Can the Better Business Bureau help when I am making a vehicle donation?

Better Business Bureau Offers Advice on Vehicle Donations

The Better Business Bureau offers general advice to people who want to make vehicle donations:
* Do research and ask professionals for help.
* Seek legal and financial advice before you donate your car. Does it make financial sense to donate your vehicle? Is the charity able to meet your giving needs?
* Get the charity's annual report and read it. Find out how the charity managed its budget in the last fiscal year, including how it spent income from vehicle donations.
* Ask the charity how it uses donated vehicles. Does it resell them at wholesale prices? Or does it refurbish the vehicles for disadvantaged families that need transportation?
* Get receipts. Make sure the receipt has the registered charity's identification number on it.
* Check with your state Attorney General's Office to make sure the charity is registered as a 501(c)3.
* Contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if it has information on file about the charity and its vehicle donations.



10/5/2007 5:29:47 AM
V. Everett said:

Do you actually research your articles before you write them?
If you would have given accurate and complete information you would have noted that not all no-profits are required to register as a 501(c)3 organization.
IRS form i1023, page 1, lower right hand corner clearly points this out.
Like many, your omission of accurate information creates an ill informed public. Many organizations also will operate under the Religious non-profit Corporations Law under the meaning of IRS section 501(c)3 and are exempt by definition.
These issues are very closely tied to our civil rights, religious freedoms that many have fought and died for. Do not cheapen them by disseminating incomplete and thereby incorrect information.


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