Online Watchdog Groups Rate Charities

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How can I get information on a charity before making a vehicle donation?

Online Watchdog Groups Rate Charities

Several online groups rate charities. It is not a bad idea to check them out before you donate your vehicle.
The American Institute of Philanthropy and the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau are two examples. These charity watchdog groups review a range of issues and have a mission to help individual become informed givers.
So how can these groups help with car donations and other vehicle donations?
There are scores of groups soliciting people for car donations. It is a challenge to learn which groups are best for you. Watchdog groups can provide background on charities. Some even rate them with letter grades. These groups are but one tool you can use when making vehicle donations. Here is a description of some of the charity watchdog groups:
* Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance. The Virginia-based organization reviews how well charity's meet their missions and standards.
* American Institute of Philanthropy. The Chicago nonprofit group rates charities.
* Charity Navigator. This New Jersey nonprofit also rates charities.
* GuideStar. The Williamsburg, VA, nonprofit offers free financial data on charities.
* Wall Watchers. The North Carolina group reviews Christian-affiliated charities.



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