Ask Questions Before Making Car Donations

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What should I ask a charity before making a car donation?

Ask Questions Before Making Car Donations

Many major charities accept car donations, letting people donate used vehicles for a good cause and get a tax write-off in return. But the process is not as simple as making a phone call, dropping off your unwanted vehicle and reaping the benefits of a tax write-off.
First, learn the charity's mission. If you have a specific intent in mind for the gift, let the charity know. If it cannot meet your goal, you may want to consider other ogranizations. Charities may use car donations in their charitable work. For example, a car donation may directly help needy people with transportation. Most likely, the vehicles will be sold to raise money for the charity's programs or general fund. If the vehicles are sold, find out which programs the revenues fund. Perhaps the money can go to a particular charitable service or cause you support.
Finally, ask if the charity oversees car donations or pays a firm to do it. If a for-profit company handles the vehicle donations, find out how much money the charity will receive from the sale and how much will go to the for-profit company.
This kind of information may help you direct your car donation to the charity and cause that match your interests and goals.



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