Internet Is a Boost for Car Donation Services

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How can the Internet help in my search for car donation services?

Internet Is a Boost for Car Donation Services

The Internet is a giant boost for car donation services. In an instant, vehicle donors can access hundreds of charities that offer car donation services. What kind of information can you find on the Internet?
-- Locate the charity's Web site, and read about its car donation services.
-- Pick a car donation program that handles your community and neighborhood.
-- Determine if the charity is in good standing with the consumer division of your state Attorney General's Office.
-- Fill out application forms to donate your unwanted car to specific charities.
-- Look up the number and location of the nearest branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will replace lost titles.
-- Access and read a charity's annual report.
-- Check the rating a charity gets from various Web-based watchdog groups.
-- Go to the IRS Web site to learn more about the new rules for claiming tax deductions for your vehicle donations.
-- Read news articles and blogs on vehicle donations.



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