Maryland has an online guide to car donation.

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How do I arrange a car donation in Maryland?

Maryland has an online guide to car donation.

There are many Maryland car donation facilities. Vehicles donated in Maryland to a non-profit classified with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization are deductible from your federal income taxes. The title of the vehicle must be properly assigned to the charity, and the odometer mileage must be filled in on the “Maryland Certificate of Title." If the donor has financed the vehicle, the charity will need the vehicle's “Maryland Notice of Security Interest Filing” that proves that the loan on the vehicle has been paid off. If that document is not available, please request a letter on the financial institution's letterhead stating that they hold no security interest and have it signed by the financial institution's authorized agent. After the title is transferred, remove the license plates from the vehicle and return the plates to the MVA, unless you are transferring the plates to another vehicle. Keep your receipt from the MVA when you return your plates. Keep insurance coverage on the vehicle until the date the plates are returned to the MVA or transferred to the new vehicle. Once you have donated the vehicle and either returned or officially transferred your plates, cancel the vehicle insurance for the donated vehicle.



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