Charities Choose How to Spend Proceeds

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How do charities decide to spend their proceeds from car donations?

Charities Choose How to Spend Proceeds

Donate Car For Charity Tip: Charities that offer programs to donate autos decide how much money in proceeds they want to spend on charitable causes.
Generally, the amount is divided between the charities and the fundraisers that help run auto donation programs.
When choosing a charity, try to optimize the value of your auto donation.
It is routine for charities to resell vehicles donated to them from private individuals.
Ask the charity how much money from auto donation resales actually goes to charitable services and programs. Are those services and programs in the community where you work and live?
Also, confirm the role of the representative at the vehicle donation program. Is the rep a fundraiser with a for-profit company handling charitable car donations, or someone from the charity?
It is common to deal with management companies that handle car donations for charities. It also makes sense to contact the charities directly to learn how proceeds are used from vehicle donation programs.



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