Consider a Charity Rooted in its Community

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What kind of charity should I seek for Chicago car donations?

Consider a Charity Rooted in its Community

Looking for an established charity for your Chicago car donations?
Consider a charity with a proven track record of serving the Chicago community.
Some charities with car donation programs are nationally based, and the proceeds may not benefit a specific city or its residents.
An example of a Chicago-based charity with strong ties to the city's diverse communities is public TV station WTTW, Channel 11.
WTTW11 has a variety of media – television, radio, print, online, and events. Most Chicagoans are familiar with it and its programs. So how does its car donation program work?
WTTW11 relies on member support whether its volunteering or donating a gift.
WTTW11 will accept unwanted cars, trucks, or motorcycles as donations. The vehicles are sold, with the proceeds supporting WTTW11 and its sister radio station, 98.7WFMT. To donate a vehicle, call toll free, 866-740-9889.



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