Consumer Group Advises New Yorkers on Car Donations

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How can I protect myself from unscrupulous practices when making New York car donations?

Consumer Group Advises New Yorkers on Car Donations

The Better Business Bureau of New York offers advice to residents who are thinking about donating an unwanted car to charity:
Make sure the charity will make the most of your car donation. There are numerous car donation programs to choose from, but the BBB of New York warns donors to choose carefully.
While a lot of New Yorkers give to charity through volunteer time and donations of used clothes, a car donation is a big gift. Donors should make sure that a large portion of the proceeds from car donation sales go to charitable causes, not hidden costs.
The BBB of New York offers this "vehicle donation checklist":
-- Make sure the recipient is registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Otherwise you cannot claim a tax deduction.
-- Transer the title to the charity, not the fundraising company that may handle the collection.
-- Keep records of the transfer.
-- Ask how much in revenues the charity will ger when it resells the car. Some charities only get a flat fee, with the rest going to the auction house and fundraiser.



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