Expect Helpful Service From Charities Seeking Car Donations

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What services should I expect from car donation programs?

Expect Helpful Service From Charities Seeking Car Donations

Donate Car For Charity Tip: For some people, their car is their most valuable possession. Deciding to donate a car to charity is not an easy step. So you want a charity that provides the best car donation services. Here are services to ask for, and expect, from charities:
-- Many charities will send a driver or tow truck to pick up your unwanted vehicle, or they will have a drop off location in a convenient area.
-- If your car doesn't run, ask for free towing to remove the car from your property. Your only responsibility is to have the tires inflated.
-- Get tax forms from the charity acknowledging your gift and its value at resale. You should receive this acknowledgement within 30 days of the sale.
-- Find application forms online for many charities that have car donation programs.
-- Some charities offer free hotel vouchers as an incentive for giving your used vehicle to their charity.



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