Ask how your car donation will be used.

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Should I give directly to a charity, or through a third-party fundraiser?

Ask how your car donation will be used.

It's one of the car donation basics, and many people want to make sure that their car donation is being solicited or accepted by representatives of the charity itself, rather than by a private fundraiser acting on the charity's behalf. It's important to know what will happen to the vehicle when you pass it on to one of the car donation centers: will it be fixed up and given to a needy family, or will it be resold and the proceeds used to help a cause? If it is resold, what share of the proceeds will go to the charity? A donor can ensure the donation furthers the intended charitable purpose by obtaining acceptable responses to these questions. Donating cars to charity is a rewarding way to give, and good car donation charities will have answers to these questions.



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