Ascertain a car donation charity's status.

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What car donation charity should I choose?

Ascertain a car donation charity's status.

Donate Car For Charity Tip: So you are interested in donating your car? Perhaps you start online and type "donate car" into a search engine. Millions of search results come back - how do you know if a charity is legitimate?

As part of vetting a charity to which you wish to make a vehicle donation, you can and should review the car donation organization's state registration and financial filings. These documents are commonly filed with a state charity regulator, such as the State Attorney General's Office or the Secretary of State's Office. Donors can use these records to find out how long a charity has been in existence, and to compare the percentage of revenue the charity spends on its charitable programs to the percentage it spends on administrative costs. This is an important number, as it can help show how effective the charity is at what it does, and how much of the proceeds of your car donation will go to actual charitable programs, and how much goes to overhead.



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